Fashion and luxury in the days of the Coronavirus.

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The COVID-19 epidemic has had an earthquake in the fashion and luxury industries. Women’s fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris have been overshadowed by the pandemic. Which spread to Italy as the parades started there. Caution, and paranoia have taken the fashion industry by storm. And the cancellation of the biggest events was inevitable.

Galerie Joseph presents the impacts recorded on the fashion industry during this pandemic time.

Our galleries are unfortunately closed, 20 atypical spaces for rent in the Haut Marais, which will reopen to present you during showrooms, art and design exhibitions the most beautiful creations.

The fashion and luxury industry is facing one of the biggest crises of the past decade.

Between producing masks, and hydroalcoholic gels. Big luxury houses and brands are showing a generosity. To help those in urgent need. But it is hardly possible to ignore the impact that the pandemic has had on the economy of this sector.

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