IRO : Japanese design through the prism of colors

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In the Land of the Rising Solar, colours (iro) have been used to mark rank and social hierarchy because the 7th century. Since then, these chromatic meanings have advanced and have been extended to several kinds of objects. This e-book, written by Rossella Menegazzo, a specialist in images, graphic design, and Japanese art, revealed by Phaidon, seems at almost 200 colors, including the hues of merchandise and furnishings designed by the greatest designers of Japan, similar to Naoto Fukasawa, Reiko Sudo, and Issey Miyake; 16th century kimonos, valuable ceramics, but in addition on a regular basis gadgets corresponding to a bicycle, a comb, and a kitchen utensil. 

Iro, the essence of shade in Japanese design by Rossella Menegazzo revealed by Phaidon 

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